As station owners we couldn’t find a product on the market which could withstand the harsh conditions we endure here in the Northern Territory.

We decided to design and build our own tank which could withstand the environment with confidence. It had to be made out of thicker material, reinforced joins and liners which could handle any water source and ground condition.

With the success of installing over 2000 tanks in the Northern Territory we have developed our operation to now be able to cater to other regional demands.

GNT not only was designed with strength and durability in mind, it is practical and comes with high quality standard inclusions.

Tank sizes

  Gallons Litres Diameter Height
20G 20,940 95,195 7m 2.65m
30G 31,300 142,290 8.6m 2.65m
50G 50,700 230,485 10.9m 2.65m
70G 74,750 339,820 13.2m 2.65m

Our Standard Inclusions

  • 1.6mm Aluzinc panels STANDARD
  • 2.5 Aluzinc structural components
  • 1 x AS/NZS4020 quality flexible reinforced liner
  • 1 x Geo Textile underlay fabric
  • 65mm Water supply inlet
  • Float Valve with ball float
  • 2 x Brass 80mm ball or gate valves (outlets)
  • 1 x Internal aluminium ladder
  • 1 x External galvanised ladder
  • Lockable manhole cover
  • 80mm overflow outlet

Our Material

Great Northern Tanks uses Aluzinc coated steel which has superior long-term corrosion resistance in most atmospheric conditions.

The aluminium zinc alloy coating is applied in a similar way to traditional galvanised steel. B way of a continuous hot dipped galvanised process that gives a coating on both sides of the material of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon.

This gives the steel much improved corrosion resistance compared to traditional galvanised material through the joint action of the sacrificial cathodic action of the zinc, and the barrier of aluminium present on the surface. This gives the material up to 6 times (500%) more corrosion resistance to normal zinc galvanised coatings, making it ideal for the most demanding of environments.

This high level of aluminium in the coating also aids the material in keeping its aesthetic appearance much longer than zinc galvanised material.

In addition to its strength the Aluzinc material is Heat resistant up to 315 C, and when manufactured is consistent in quality and finish.

Aluzinc is a very environmentally friendly product. It’s 100% recyclable and formed using a ‘green process’.

Our Tank Liners

Great Northern Tank liners are fabricated exclusively from ARMASeal a new generation tank liner material.

ARMASeal is a 4-layer tank liner fabric comprising of a “double deck” polyethylene tape woven scrim reinforcement, a polyethylene coating layer on both sides of the scrim reinforcement and a polyethylene film layer on the top (water side).

The material construction differs from traditional tank lining materials on the market in that the scrim reinforcement, which gives a tank liner material its strength, has innovative “double deck” arrangement.

This innovative polyethylene tape woven “double deck” arrangement provides the material with the strength it requires in a tank liner application and simultaneously provides a level of flexibility which is also important in a tank lining material.

By using polyethylene tape as the reinforcement, this also allows the material to have better elongation or stretch properties than other scrim reinforced tank lining materials.

This allows ARMASeal to conform to most deformations in the underlying substrate without rupturing and developing a leak, much better than polyester and polypropylene spun yarn reinforced tank liner fabrics.

With both the scrim reinforcement and coating layers being 100% polyethylene, a high-strength homogeneous bond is ensured. Certainty of water-tightness is achieved by an additional bonded layer of polyethylene film.

During fabrication of the tank liner, the tank liner’s seams are tape-welded to provide a further barrier against water ingress.

Following fabrication, each ARMASeal tank liner is put through a rigorous inspection and testing regime to ensure compliance with the highest quality control standards.

ARMASeal tank liner material is fully certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre to comply with the most stringent requirements for potable water; AS/NZS4020 – Products for use in contact with drinking water.

Due to all elements of the ARMASeal material make up being 100% polyethylene based, at the end of a long service life ARMASeal tank liners are 100% recyclable.