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Farmcraft Rural - Boonah 46 Macquarie St Boonah Qld 4310 Australia


Known as the “The Heart of the Fassifern” and “Switzerland without the snow”, Boonah is surrounded with beautiful natural landscapes that are recognised on the world’s heritage list. However, landscapes, nature and animals need water…

Large water tanks in Boonah can be a huge help when it comes to having a certified potable water supply. If you currently own a farm in Boonah, farms can help your livestock and crops have a constant supply of water that would keep them fresh and hydrated.

Whilst if you currently have an industrial business needing an industrial water tank in Boonah would also be a necessity. Without flowing water, it will surely be a problem to your customers and your establishments.

With Boonah being known as a weekend getaway for Brisbane residents, without a good source of water supply, it’ll cause major problems – because it has a wide variety of lodging options, including cabins, cottages, lodges, retreats, and romantic getaways, as well as several notable cafes.

It’s a very charming village with many log homes that is tucked away in a valley surrounded by hills. The town serves as a rural service centre largely for the farms in the area that specialise in producing livestock, pork, cereal crops, and vegetables for the Brisbane markets.

With that in mind, having a decent water supply is a priority for any establishment or resident. Without fresh flowing water, it may cause a huge dilemma for the business, farm, or household. It could stop any operations and be a cause of delays. Being in a rural area, water can be scarce. Water from the main city might not be as safe or the water bills have unnecessary dues and fees.

What can a resident or business owner in Boonah do to save money and have unlimited water supply? Great Northern Tanks has a selection of steel and poly water tanks that can help the households, farms and industrial businesses in Boonah.

How do these water tanks secure an unending supply of water? By collecting or harvesting rainwater. You can collect and store rainwater which is a free natural resource. A building’s existing roof, gutters, and downpipes can all be used to collect rainwater, which enters the water tank through pipes. This will then head on to the machines of the water tank – cleaning the rainwater from any bacteria and grimes that has been detected then it will be stored and passed down to the pipes at the farm, house, or businesses.
We encourage you to take the next step – fill in the form, and let’s start a conversation about your water supply in Boonah.

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