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Northern Stock Water are dedicated in providing the residents of Cloncurry and surrounding areas with water that is high-quality, and in compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines’ criteria for certified potable water.


Potentially your water supply may suddenly stop working on an important day, especially in the simmering summer heat. That’s why investing in a premium water tank will not only be beneficial to your home and livelihood, but good for your bank-balance long-term.


If you’re settled and living in or near Cloncurry, with perhaps your very own farm, investing with a large, premium water tank can be a lifesaver – for your household and livestock. This way you have full control over your water supply – as opposed to relying on the town’s water supply if that has issues. You could collect and harvest all rainwater to supply your water tank which will then process into certified potable water. Every time it’s raining, you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re saving money!


If you’re currently looking for either large household, industrial or farm water tanks, Northern Stock Water offers a variety of steel or poly tanks that will suit your livelihood. Our famous “Legendary Territory Toughness” is built for Australia’s harshest weather conditions – securing your water supply with the ultimate protection.


Northern Stock Water is an Australian-owned and operated business that offers on-going support to the Cloncurry region and its neighbouring areas. In fact, Cloncurry Shire Council engaged Northern Stock Water, the local supplier for Great Northern Tanks for a water project: the Mary Kathleen Park in Cloncurry.


After the Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine was shut down in 1982, the Cloncurry Shire Council decided to preserve the mine’s history by protecting four buildings from the original mine site: the town office, police station, police residence, and the A.N.Z. bank building – which houses a museum set in a park. This decision was made possible thanks to donations from the local Lions Club and Mary Kathleen Uranium Limited.


The local council saw the need for an additional water supply to ensure the garden and grounds were well maintained to draw more tourists…. which has proven successful as many tourists now visiting Cloncurry, make the park their targeted destination.


Northern Stock Water provided an additional water storage solution in the form of a 30,000-gallon tank – which was a very successful installation for the Cloncurry community.

Be part of another Cloncurry success! Submit your inquiry today and let’s chat. 😀


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6 Scarr Street Cloncurry QLD 4824 Australia


(07) 4419 3801

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Monday to Thursday: 9am–5pm
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About This Store

Northern Stock Water is an all Australian owned and operated company specialising in tailored solutions to their customers throughout Northern Queensland.

Northern Stock Water is the largest water development company in Northern Australia. Installing thousands of kilometres of poly pipe, concrete troughs and Great Northern Tanks to their farming customers.

Amy Godsell (Manager) and the team at Northern Stock Water can provide solutions for all rural applications throughout the Cloncurry and Northern Queensland region.

Their products include:

Water Infrastructure
Animal Care
Broadacre Solutions
Agricultural supplies

You can find all their products on their website www.northernstockwater.com.au or come in and see the team!!

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