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Property Management Products - Crows Nest 32 Industrial Rd Crows Nest Qld 4355 Australia


With its unusual rural environment, Crows Nest in QLD is known for its rural district that produces and distributes beef and dairy cattle.

Perched on the crest of the Great Dividing Range is the timber town that has won the hearts of many. Crows Nest is nestled in the countryside of QLD, known for its serene and historical landmarks. The perfect getaway after a busy and stressful week.

This Southern Queensland Country residence enjoys quick access to Toowoomba and Brisbane, as well as an abundance of historical sites, national parks, and outdoor activities. Being one of the best places to unwind, it must have decent water supply for the community. Good thing is that Great Northern Tanks are already in the picture – adding to the bright future.

How so? Great Northern Tanks has a history of supplying premium water tanks to QLD, and therefore is helping the Crows Nest area with several water tank solutions, including poly and steel tanks which can harvest rainwater, to make it certified potable drinking water.

With these same large water tanks being offered in Crows Nest, there will be no more water problems in this prestigious town. You can save a ton of money from water bills when you have an exclusive water tank on a Crows Nest property or if you’re currently running a business there, having an industrial water tank in Crows Nest is highly recommended.

Crows Nest has long been admired for its history. From Crows Nest Soft Drinks that was founded in 1903. You can even visit the Carbethon Folk Museum and Salts Antiques, which is the home to the original Ray White Real Estate that goes way back to 1902.

Away from the busy main commercial district, residential neighbourhoods are peaceful and leafy with a cosy, welcoming environment. For those downsizing from large family homes and young professional couples seeking a space that caters to a serene and relaxing town, Crows Nest is even more alluring due to the rural vibes it’s known for.

However, water is essential, and our tanks follow the green process – which is a great way to help mother nature. Not only is it safe to drink when your water tanks are certified potable but knowing all our materials are recyclable make it the icing on the cake. A truly great investment in the long run, giving you terrific bang for buck!

Fill out the form now – let’s have a conversation about your water supply in or near Crows Nest.

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