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In an era where water conservation and management are paramount, Great Northern Tanks offers a comprehensive suite of water monitoring products designed to revolutionize the way we manage this precious resource. From agricultural operations to industrial facilities and residential properties, our innovative solutions are tailored to optimize water usage, minimize waste, and ensure the longevity of water storage systems.

Agricultural Precision: Our water monitoring products are indispensable tools for modern agricultural practices. From our AGBOT SATELLITE TANK WATER MONITORING SYSTEM to our ARMA LINER with reinforced interlocking joins, we provide farmers with the data and infrastructure needed to maximize crop yield while minimizing water usage. Real-time monitoring allows for precise irrigation scheduling, ensuring that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time. Additionally, our GEO TEXTILE UNDERLAY protects valuable tank liners from damage, ensuring long-term durability and reliability in agricultural settings.


Industrial Efficiency: In industrial settings, water monitoring is essential for optimizing processes, reducing costs, and maintaining compliance. Our ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL tanks, constructed from 1.55mm Aluzinc and 1.2mm Colorbond, offer unparalleled strength and durability, ensuring reliable water storage in even the harshest environments. Combined with our Bluetooth Pro Tank Level Monitoring System and Davey XP35P8PUMP with Pressure Switch & Tank, industrial facilities can monitor water usage, detect leaks, and maintain optimal pressure levels to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Residential Confidence: For homeowners, our water monitoring solutions provide peace of mind and control over water usage. Our EXTRA ROOF SUPPORTS and THICKEST TANK MATERIALS ensure structural integrity and longevity, while our Installation Guide for Steel Water Tanks ensures seamless setup and operation. With our smart metering systems and cellular tank monitoring solutions, residents can track water usage in real-time, detect leaks, and make informed decisions to reduce consumption and save on utility bills.

Environmental Stewardship: At Great Northern Tanks, we are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Our legendary Territory Toughness ensures that our tanks withstand the rigors of Australia’s harshest conditions while minimizing environmental impact. By continuously monitoring water quality and levels with our advanced monitoring systems, we help protect sensitive ecosystems and preserve natural resources for future generations.

Conclusion: Great Northern Tanks’ water monitoring solutions represent the pinnacle of efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in water management. From precision agriculture to industrial efficiency, residential confidence, and environmental stewardship, our products empower users to optimize water usage, minimize waste, and ensure the sustainability of this precious resource. As the demand for water continues to grow, investing in our advanced monitoring technologies becomes increasingly crucial for safeguarding water security and resilience for generations to come.

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